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The 8 best coffee mugs in the WORLD!

The 8 best coffee mugs in the WORLD!

It’s no surprise that I love coffee. But I also love my whiny toddler and novelty coffee mugs. My coffee date canceled on me so here I am drinking way too much Italian roast and scouring the web to bring you these fantastic coffee cups. Don’t take me so seriously though you judgy turd, I am so hopped up on caffeine right now that my sarcasm is extra thick.

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The 8 best coffee mugs in the World (and by World, I mean Amazon.com)

1). Creative DIY Lego mug for $11.95

Do you like to solve puzzles and build things while drinking coffee? You must not be a mom, you’re probably a dad who gets to entertain the kids while mom is making breakfast, packing lunches and cleaning up spilled cereal. So here you go, be the cool dad, the fun parent, the envy of your kids with this awesome lego-mug.


2). Scary Face Biscuit Warmer for $6.99

If you’re the multi-tasking kind of mom who has to eat and drink at the same time, this coffee mug is just for you. Keep your donut warm in this creepy mouth while you fry up an egg, sign those permission slips and post a perfect picture on Facebook.


3). Wake and Bake Mug for $23.45

I am not here to pass any judgment on any parent, or maybe you’re not a parent yet, but this is a perfect mug for those who like to wake up to a smoke and a cup of joe. Because let’s be honest, it’s all about saving time to focus on the more important things in life, like morning snuggles or insta-giggles. I’m not judgy just jealous. *adults only*


4). Heat Changing Solar System for $15.99

I don’t care who you are, this mug is f*cking awesome! Who doesn’t want to look at Uranus while sipping on their favorite hot drink? Use it for a teaching opportunity-quiz your kids on the order of the planets and which ones have rings. If nothing else, give this color changing mug to your father-in-law who already has everything.


5). Creature Cups for $14.99

Oh For Fox Sakes! There’s a creature in my cup! Don’t be so damn serious mom, enjoy a cute little creature in your mug smiling up at you, that is if you get around to drinking more than half your coffee before your ankle bitters start tugging at your pants.


6). Narwhal Mug for $16.93

Because Unicorns are soooo 2017. Seriously how cute is this little guy? Narwhals are unicorns of the sea and the sexiest beast of 2018. Anything with a horn is magical and will automatically make your coffee, soup or cereal taste amazing!


7). Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug for $174.93 

You know what I love? I love coffee. But what I love more is hot coffee that burns my throat a little like whiskey on the first sip. And the second sip. But never the third. This temperature-controlled mug keeps coffee at the exact temperature you select between 120°F and 145°F from the first sip to the last drop. F*cking genius. (check the website for better prices)
8). Have a Great Day for $13.99
Just when I thought my list was complete and I had finished scouring the world (Amazon) I come across this one and I couldn’t resist. Can you blame me? Think of all the satisfaction you’ll get drinking out of this mug at home or in the office?




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